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Tracing People UK Address & Telephone Numbers - Free Electoral Roll Search

The easiest and speediest way of tracing a person not on public records is to employ a reputable tracing agency. As a verified member of our services you will be able to use our 24 Hour tracing service for those people that are not traceable via electoral roll records only. Our experienced tracing agents will trace the person you are looking for within 24 Hours or your search credits will be refunded in full to your tracing account. Total cost for our tracing service is £49.99 to include all telephone or email data identified. The trace is undertaken in complete confidence with the person subject to your trace never conscious of our investigations. So it is a 100% confidential tracing service.

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Electoral roll - search electoral roll registers to locate
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a person and address or indeed business.

Tracing People UK
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Search electoral register records for free. We offer the only 100% free voters roll search to street level including full postcode and years resident. UK Electoral roll registers 1980-2014 are the first place most people look when looking to trace people to a UK address. Searching the UK electoral roll is simple by using a combination of known name with or without known partner and general area if known. You could also search any known old address to confirm any middle name or initials and best of all any age thus making any further trace to a new address that more certain you have identified the correct person. Tracing People in the UK is all about being logical and systematic in gathering all the available information you know about the person you are looking to find. That said, not every person is traceable via electoral roll records.

The type of information you or indeed any good tracing agent would want to have identified before attempting to trace a person is...
1. Full Name including any middle name or initial and importantly spelt correctly - for example whether Steven is correct or it should be Stephen
2. Full date of birth or year of birth
3. Any known partner
4. Old address
Once you have collected and verified the correct personal information you are in a position to make your people search in the knowledge that should you identify a possible record you will be able to confirm the record without consulting premium data sets. Good luck with your free UK people search. On Top of the UK edited electoral roll our databases unlike many other on line people search sites are augment with over 20 million current year additional people address consented data. Total current year individual people records are in excess of 42 million. The basic people and address search and phone book searches are free to street level. Ex-directory and mobile telephone number searches along with email or reverse searches are premium data sets and as you would expect we charge for this valuable data.

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